Loyal Membership


1. What’s the purpose of this document?

  1. These terms and conditions explain how you can earn Points when you sign up as a loyal membership of Phone Planet.
  2. Please make sure you read these terms and conditions before you join the reward plan. If you have any questions just Call Us or Ask our staff in store.
  3. You are taken to have agreed to these terms and conditions when you or a loyal point user first use the points.

2. Our promise to you

We will act reasonably and fairly towards you, taking into account your and our respective interests. That includes whenever we are:

  1. considering any request you make;
  2. deciding whether to give our consent or to exercise a right, discretion or remedy; or
  3. setting any conditions for doing any of those things.

It’s worth noting that even if we don’t make a decision or do something straight away, we may still do so later on. This includes where we delay or defer doing so, or we temporarily waive a requirement.

3. Points and how you can earn them

3.1. What are Points?
  1. Points and Bonus Points aren’t property and don’t have any monetary value except to the extent specifically provided for by a Reward. They can’t be redeemed for cash.
  2. Points are awarded for each eligible transaction debited to your final payment. You will also be awarded Bonus Points when you use the points to deduct the final payment.
3.2. How you earn Points
  1. You earn Points once these terms and conditions apply and as long as you have signed up your account with Phone Planet.
  2. Points are earned for each whole $1.00 of the value of each eligible transaction (including GST), rounded to the nearest dollar, shown on your account. Points are earned based on your total payment. 5% of the total payment amount will be converted to your points and restored in your Phone Planet account.
3.3. Can I sell or transfer Points?

You cannot sell or transfer Points.

4. How do you redeem your Points?

4.1 Who can redeem points?

Your Points Balance can be redeemed by:

  1. you when you let us to redeem.
  2. you who is authorised to operate your account balance.
4.2 When can you claim a Reward?

To claim a Reward:

  1. you need to have sufficient Points in your Points Balance for the Reward. It’s important to know that you can’t pool any Points in your Points Balance with Points in another person’s points Balance.
  2. your Rewards Card Account must not be blocked to activity. Examples of when this can occur include when your Rewards Card Account is in arrears, suspended, closed or in default under your Rewards Card Account Terms and Conditions.

4.3 How can you claim your Rewards?

  1. You can redeem your points in any phone planet stores.

4.4 What if I don’t have enough Points?

  1. you may use your Points to redeem for a portion.

5.What transactions don’t earn points or get discount?

There are some transactions which won’t earn Points because they aren’t eligible. They are:

  1. Cellphones, which include brand-new and second-hand phones, including but not limited to iPhones, Samsung Phones, OPPO Phones, and Huawei Phones.
  2. Pre-paid Gift Cards and Vouchers. You will not get any points when you purchase pre-paid gift cards and vouchers but you will get points when you make payment by using or redeeming the pre-paid gift cards and vouchers if you or the card users have signed up the loyalty program.
  3. Free products, which include any products with payable amount equal to zero.

6. How long do you have to use your points before they expire?

  1. Points in your Points Balance have no expire date.
  2. If you ask us to cancel or close your Rewards Card Account, you have up to 60 days from the date you make the request to use any Points in your Points Balance. To redeem these Points you need to attend to our store. Points that remain unused in your Points Balance after that period will expire and be forfeited.
  3. In the event of your death, your executor or administrator, on provision of reasonable supporting documentation of their appointment, may redeem Points in your Points Balance within 60 days of notifying us of your death. After that date any unused Points will expire and be forfeited. No other person, including a Cardholder, can redeem Points once we are notified of your death by your executor or administrator.
  4. If Loyalty Rewards is terminated by us, we will let you know how long you have to use your Points

7. Personal Information

  1. We will collect, hold, use and disclose information about you and other people you authorise to use your Points Balance. Information will include certain personal information, and transaction information. We treat all personal information with care and in accordance with our privacy policy. We will use this information for the purposes to provide services to you, including the products and services of our service providers and other third parties.
  2. We may also use or disclose your personal information to let you know about offers and news about Phone Planet electronically (e.g. email, SMS, and social networking forums) that we believe may be of interest to you. You can let us know at any time if you no longer wish to receive direct marketing electronic offers from us by sending email to service@phoneplanet.com.au. We will process your request as soon as practicable.

8. Changes to these terms and conditions

We reserve the right, at any time, to modify, alter, or update these terms and conditions of use. We will notify you of such changes by email at the address you registered with or by prominent notice on the Site. Your continued usage of the Site following such notification shall constitute your acceptance of the changes. If you do not agree to any such changes you must immediately cease using the Site.